aloha! we are mahalo babes. created by two dreamers, autumn and tessa, based by the sea in florida. after a trip to OAHU, HI we decided to make our dream of starting a creative company come to life! we crave and live for all things beachy, fun, and fashion (with a little touch of retro) and were inspired by hawaii and the lifestyle that comes with it. as east coast babes ourselves we decided combine the idea of our style and hearts to bring you mahalo babes. were so excited to start this journey and stoked you will be following along! we may just be starting with tees but be on the lookout because this is just the beginning. 

xx a + t


Q: what's your favorite part of working together?

A: I love how positive Tessa is, yet also she has a boss babe work ethic. It’s a dynamic duo that is constantly inspiring. We laugh ALOT and come up with ideas that we end up bouncing back-in-forth until this GRAND idea is created. Having the same passion and fire with someone who is pretttttty amazing is such a FUN experience.

T: autumn is amazingly creative, completely selfless, and adorably genuine. she also just happens to be a killer photographer. i think one of my favorite parts about working together is our two brains. she can finish my sentences/or bring an idea of mine to life before it has even left my brain. that's something that can't be taken for granted and makes what we do not even feel like work!

Q: what is one item in your closet that inspires you?

A: My leopard booties…and my gold glitter booties :)

T: my moms overalls from the 70s (they are flared with rainbow stitching & make me so happy)

Q: three things that can always be found in your fridge?

A: CREAMER, champagne, and guacamole 

T: tub of toll house cookie dough, avocados, health ade jug of kombucha (ginger-lemon)

Q: name your favorite instagram accounts?

A: thesaltyblonde, jimmymarble, alexisjadekaiser 

T: theellenshow, elsielarson, shutthekaleup 

Q: what are your three go to outfits?

A: overalls with flare with a crop top // black HW skinny jeans with a graphic tee + leopard booties // jean shorts with a graphic tee + vans // swimmie is ALWAYS w me w each outfit (just in case)

T: oversized white button down & a swimmie // graphic tee + joggers + white converse + plaid shirt // lulu lemon everything (minus the gym).

Q: whats the soundtrack of your life?

A: I would be lying if I didn’t say Jewel-pieces of you (don’t judge)

T: garden state soundtrack

Q: toilet paper over or under?

A: definitely over!

T: over.

Q: last splurge?

A: tropical decor for my back patio :) (yes, even pink flamingos)

T: does a whole pizza count?

Q: best ice cream flavor?

A: VANILLA + Birthday cake! 

T: stracciatella gelato or ben & jerry's phish food

Q: what's your spirit animal?

A: a chinchilla 

T: my dog indie. she is me or i am her.

Q: top three local hometown spots?

A: LIZAS kitchen, lizas? + lizas? :)

T: lizas kitchen, red bar, patches pizza!

Q: coffee or tea?

A: coffee baby! (Speaking of I’m going to go make a cup)

T: tea please // ESP Matcha :)


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